Fellows and Experts

IGEG experts have had senior level experience in monetary, tax, spending, trade, privatization, and regulatory policies and, therefore, are capable of evaluating an entire economy or a subset, such as the financial sector, depending upon the need.


Dr. Richard W. Rahn


Dr. Norman A. Bailey, Senior Fellow
Vice Chairman,The American Forum

Dr. Warren Coats, Senior Fellow
Former Assistant Director, Monetary & Financial Systems Department
The International Monetary Fund
Former Member of the Board of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

Dr. Lawrence A. Hunter, Senior Fellow
Former Staff Director, Congressional Joint Economic Committee
Former Vice President and Chief Economist, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Barbara Kolm, Senior Fellow
Director, The Austrian Economics Center
President, Hayek Institute (Austria)

Dr. Dan J. Mitchell, Senior Fellow
Chairman, Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation

Dr. Yuri Maltsev, Senior Fellow
Professor of Economics at Carthage College, WI

Ms. Emerald Robinson, Media Fellow
Producer, Actress and Writer

Advisers and Experts

Mr. David Burton, JD
Senior Fellow, Economic Policy
The Heritage Foundation

Mr. Stephen J. Entin
Senior Fellow
The Tax Foundation

Mr. Bart S. Fisher, JD
International Lawyer and Investment Banker

Mr. Mark Frazier
Openworld, Inc. and Openworld Institute

Ms. Karen Kerrigan
President & CEO
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

Mr. Dan Mastromarco, LLM
Mastromarco Firm, PLLP

Sen. Mack Mattingly
Former US Senator (R-GA)
Former Ambassador

Hon. David Shaw
Chairman, The Sabrelance Group (UK)
Former Member of Parliament (UK)

Dr. Ronald D. Utt
Former: Herbert and Joyce Morgan Senior Research Fellow
The Heritage Foundation