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Who Rules You?

All of us are subject to many thousands of federal, state, and local laws and regulations, many of which are needlessly oppressive. Who makes these rules, and who enforces them? And at what point are there so many rules that we are no longer free? James Madison, the...

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The Rise and Fall of Nations

Las Palmas, Canary Islands This small group of volcanic islands off the African coast is one of the more interesting places on Earth with almost ideal temperatures. The name comes from the Latin, meaning islands of the dogs, not the birds. The Spanish gained control...

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Why Care about Economic Freedom

Montreal, Canada Good news — the United States is becoming a bit more economically free. The “Economic Freedom of the World 2018 Annual Report,” published by the Fraser Institute of Vancouver, Canada, and co-operating think tanks around the world, is released today....

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Property Rights and Pricing

Many problems exist because the activity is mispriced and/or the key decision makers lack the proper incentives. Argentina is going through another financial crisis which occurs almost like clockwork every few years. The country spends more than it receives in taxes;...

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Why Some Problems Seem Never to Be Solved

“Public choice theory” in economics, in part, explains the way self-interest of those in government and other institutions motivates them to avoid solving problems in order to keep their jobs and perks. Now, a new series of studies by researchers at Harvard and other...

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