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Should Money Laundering Laws Be Abolished?

If you are reading a news article about someone being charged with armed robbery, a visual image of a fellow with a gun holding up a store or bank probably comes to mind. But if the article says someone has been arrested on a money laundering charge, no particular...

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Biden’s Impending Watergate

Assume you have been a high-ranking government official and are called to testify before Congress. You have knowledge of unethical or worse behavior by some of your former colleagues, most of whom are still friends. If you reveal what you know, this could result in...

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How to Destroy the U.S. Dollar

Countries hostile to the U.S. and others, including China, Russia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Argentina and South Africa, have been meeting with another to devise ways to dethrone the U.S. dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency. These and other countries are in...

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How will the U.S. Debt Crisis End?

WHEN GOVERNMENT FAILS, PRIVATE ENTREPRENEURS WILL EMERGE TO FILL VOID “Deficits don’t matter,” except when they do. Congress and the Biden administration are in one of their periodic fights about lifting the debt limit, with threats about “defaulting” on the debt. The...

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Embrace or Fear ChatGPT?

IT CAN BE USED FOR SOCIETAL CONTROL, MISINFORMATION, DISCRIMINATION Remember travel agencies? Yes, a few still exist, but what was common is now rare — death by internet. Good travel agencies were helpful and provided important services, but what they did so well was...

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