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How will the U.S. Debt Crisis End?

WHEN GOVERNMENT FAILS, PRIVATE ENTREPRENEURS WILL EMERGE TO FILL VOID “Deficits don’t matter,” except when they do. Congress and the Biden administration are in one of their periodic fights about lifting the debt limit, with threats about “defaulting” on the debt. The...

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Embrace or Fear ChatGPT?

IT CAN BE USED FOR SOCIETAL CONTROL, MISINFORMATION, DISCRIMINATION Remember travel agencies? Yes, a few still exist, but what was common is now rare — death by internet. Good travel agencies were helpful and provided important services, but what they did so well was...

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America is Showing Signs of an Early Decay

THE RISE AND FALL OF EMPIRES The history of the world is in good part the history of the rise and fall of empires. The USA (American) empire is the latest, and even though it is only a little more than 200 years old, it is already showing signs of decay, which may be...

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High Cost of Corruption around the World

POLITICAL SAY GOES TO VERY RICH INDIVIDUALS WHO CAN AFFORD THE 'ACCESS' TARIFF Why are some countries rich and others very poor? At the top of this list, put corruption — both policy and personal. The enclosed table contains one of the common measures of country...

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How to Stop Inflation

STOP ANY NEW DEFICIT SPENDING AND ALLOW INTEREST RATES TO RISE AT MARKET LEVELS Inflation makes you rich — well, not exactly — but it can make you appear rich. As a teenager, did you dream of having a $100,000 car and a million-dollar home? A few more years of the...

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