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Rich but Bankrupt

ENTREPRENEURS MAKE US WEALTHIER WHILE GOVERNMENT MONEY MANAGERS LEAD US TO RUIN Almost everyone has far more wealth due to technological advances than anyone had 30 years ago, yet their money balance sheets and that of most governments flirt with bankruptcy. How can...

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The Endless Quest for Stable Money

GOVERNMENTS ACT TO KEEP THEIR CURRENCY MONOPOLY If a carpenter were trying to build a house and his measuring stick (ruler) randomly changed in length from week to week, the tool would be of little use. France adopted the metric system in the 1790s to provide a...

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Who will Go to Prison, Biden or Trump?

IT'S HARD TO SEE A GRACEFUL EXIT FROM THE CURRENT MESS President Biden and former President Donald Trump are now in a legal death match, where, for either one to stay out of prison, his opponent will probably go to prison. The Biden Democrats have made no secret that...

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