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The Coming Chinese-Russian Conflict

XI HAS PUTIN RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS HIM President Xi Jinping of China is probably looking at the Russian debacle in Ukraine and thinking, “Putin needs me, but I don’t need him.” China has ten times the GDP and population of Russia. China produces almost everything, and...

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Larger Government Cannot Make Things Better

Over the period from 1980 and 2018, “the world’s population rose by 71.2 percent, yet the average working time to earn enough money to buy 50 kinds of energy, food, raw materials, and metals fell by 71.6 percent. Put differently, the amount of effort required to buy 1...

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Entire Biden Economic Team Needs to Be Replaced

What is a recession? Who is to say? What is an economist, and who is to say? For many years after completing my graduate education, I called myself an economist with a certain pride — but these days not so much. I thought I was following in the footsteps of many great...

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Why does the Government Consistently Fail Us?

Why is it that a major airplane crash gets so much press coverage? The main reason is that it is so rare. A century ago, flying in an airplane was very risky; now there is almost no way you can spend your time in greater safety. Why this remarkable change? Early on,...

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