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Biden’s Energy Cabal Making the World Suffer

PRICE INCREASES HAVE CAUSED MUCH DEPRIVATION Do you like wilderness camping? That is, real wilderness camping where you have nothing more than a little tent, a blanket and six days of food, but no cell phone or even a flashlight? Few people do that type of camping...

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How will Inflation End?

THE CURRENT SET OF MONETARY AND FISCAL POLICIES ARE SUICIDAL The good news is that inflation will end. The bad news is that, given who is making economic policy, it is more likely to end badly than benignly. The proper way to end inflation is to reduce the rate of...

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The Curse of Inflation

ONLY MAJORLY REDUCING GOVERNMENT SPENDING AND MONETARY GROWTH CAN HELP This past week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that consumer prices rose by 7% during this past year, the highest in 40 years. The dollar is also falling against other global reserve...

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Tyranny of the Mainstream Media Thought Police

THE PRESS HAS BECOME STATE PROPAGANDA INSTEAD OF TRUTH SEEKERS What is the greatest danger in 2022? Global warming? Inflation? The pandemic? A major war? My answer is the tyranny of the thought police — because, without the ability to engage in free thought and...

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When Ignorant, Biased ‘Fact Checkers’ Strike

Reports are used by social media companies as the crutch for censorship operations According to The Babylon Bee: “World-renowned fact-checking website Snopes has unveiled a brand new fact check rating called ‘False For Now.’ This will allow them to provide a rating...

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Rewarding Americans Not to Work

Government should not be making workers' job choices Should all able-bodied adults take whatever jobs are available? At the moment, there are more job openings than there are people willing to take them. Many of these jobs do not require specialized training and could...

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